Google, Power and Profit

Ok. Sooo Google is totally  starting to build Military robots

Scary right? Talking about the ramifications and benefits of Google is always one of my favorite discussions.

Perhaps the best article I’ve ever read about Google, that lays out why Google is what it is and how it has kind of become an almost necessary evil is this article entitled The Political Economy of Google by Christian Fuchs:


[It might seem like I breaking some copy-right laws uploading this. But it does appear to have a creative commons licence and is available freely and widely online. (I found it using Google)]

Check it out. It’s worth the read, especially for the more Marxist sympathetic of my readers.

google even though youre


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  1. christinepinkney says:

    Reblogged this on The Librarian, the Wireless, and the Wardrobe and commented:
    This made me laugh. Interesting take on Google.

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