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Library Collection Development in the Era of Open Access and Article Sharing

The Serials Crisis has always made the future of journal subscriptions unstable and headed for disaster. 6% yearly price increases, at a rate higher than inflation, with one party in the scholarly publishing process – the publishers – often pulling in 30% profit … Continue reading

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Digitize-and-Loan Initiatives and the Internet Archive’s Open Library

Around mid-2017 a preprint by Michelle Wu, Law Library Director and Professor of Law at Georgetown University, was published: Piece by Piece Review of Digitize-and-Lend Projects Through the Lens of Copyright and Fair Use. What this article is proposing got me … Continue reading

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Twitter Inter-Library Loan, Article Sharing, and Open Access

I’ve got to weigh in on this Twitter Inter-library Loan (ILL) thing that happened last week. If you are unfamiliar, this Storify lays out its creation and the discussion around it nicely. It’s always interesting when you see an “open’ initiative … Continue reading

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The Changing Dynamics of Publishing and Impacts on Science Communication

Below is a presentation I gave for The Public Health Agency of Canada’s Science Communication Week about recent changes to Scholarly Publishing.

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Can Fair Dealing/Use Rights be Signed Away?

I’ve started negotiating contracts/licenses for journals subscriptions and ebooks with vendors over the last couple years and it’s been pretty fascinating in a very frustrating way. Vendors really do try and stifle Fair Dealing/Use whenever they can. They place restrictive … Continue reading

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Open Access and MEDLINE

MEDLINE is likely the most important scholarly  abstract and indexing database of journals we have. It is a collection of critical evaluated and rigorously cataloged medical journals maintained by the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM). The high-level journals within … Continue reading

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Bronze and Delayed Open Access: What can we do about these?

If you haven’t yet taken a look at this recent PeerJ Preprint entitled “The State of OA: A large-scale analysis of the prevalence and impact of Open Access articles” it is worth a read. Among the more interesting findings was … Continue reading

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