Thoughts on Springer-Nature’s New Article Sharing Trial

A few days ago Springer-Nature announced that they are extending their Nature Journals’ Article Sharing Trial to include all of Springer-Nature’s 2,700 journals. I think it’s got some interesting implications. I thought I’d share some things that have been kicking around in my head since I read their press release.


The original trial with Nature Journals allowed anyone with subscription access to any  Nature Journal to share full text – but read-only – articles with people without a subscription. Subscribers were able to access a legitimate and shareable link which they could then copy and paste over to a colleague or paste on social media. Media outlets and blogs were also allowed to post these shareable links so that their readers could view the articles.

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Scholarly Piracy: And what Libraries could/should be doing about it

Here are the slides from my recent presentation for the Ontario Library Association’s Education Institute. A recording of the presentation can also be found here.

(Juicier stuff is closer to the end of the presentation)

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Is Demand Driven Access to Journal Articles the Future?

3443I’ve long been fascinated with the implications of demand-driven eBook acquisition models (DDA) at academic libraries (Great primer on DDA here). Particularly with interesting things happening such as Evidence Based Acquisition or, in the public library sphere, Hoopla.

However, having worked for a small research library that processed a large amount of ILL article requests, I’ve also been extremely curious about demand-driven journal article acquisition. Journal article DDA hasn’t caught on as much as eBook DDA. The reasons for this (as I see them) are: Continue reading

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Web of Science, Scopus, and Open Access: What they are doing right and what they are doing wrong


Almost a year ago now Web of Science (WoS) launched their open access search filter and indicator. This is a pretty important addition and, as you can see below, it allows the searcher to access the full-text of an open access article directly. It also allows the searcher to limit their searchers to just open access material. 1
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Hoopla – The New Pay-Per Use Face of Public Libraries

The digital media content providing service, Hoopla has been TAKING OVER the public library world over the last year. Going from only 13,000 titles in their catalog and a few hundred libraries subscribed, to over 350,000 titles and over 850 Libraries subscribing. Currently they are signing up around 15-30 library systems every month.


So what has made Hoopla catch on fire like this? Why are so many libraries signing up and promoting the hell out of it in local media? Continue reading

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The Weakening Dollar’s Effect on Canadian Academic Libraries

The current weakness of the Canadian Dollar has had a negative effect on many industries in Canada who have seen their purchasing power drop to zilch.

National Post -

One industry particularly effected by the Dollar’s drop are Academic Libraries. Canadian Academic Libraries spend the majority of their acquisition budget (millions of dollars ) to purchase products and resources from American based vendors and publishers every year.

This means that a mere one-cent drop in the Dollar can result in $100,000 or more drop in what libraries can buy with their budget. Continue reading

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Are Library Catalogues going to be swallowed up by Discovery Tools?

The University of Western Ontario recently changed their Library Web Page so that the user can no longer search the Catalogue from the home page. Their Discovery Tool, Summon, is now the sole search bar and thus the primary tool for doing research at Western:



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