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The Institutionalized Racism of Scholarly Publishing

In 2002 the African scholarly publisher, Academic Journals, began publishing  peer reviewed journals. By 2011 they had grown to be a considerably sized publisher, publishing 107 journals with more than 220 employees, and having become an important publishing platform for … Continue reading

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Preliminary Thoughts on Canada’s Copyright Review

I did something cool a few weeks ago and spoke at one of the open microphone sessions for the Statutory Review of the Copyright Act. The transcript of what I said is below, but I just want to lay some … Continue reading

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Library Collection Development in the Age of Open Access and Research Sharing

Building off a similarly titled blog post, I gave this presentation this week at the North Dakota-Manitoba ACRL Chapter 2018 Symposium. If you want to use/cite this presentation, it is also in the LIS Scholarship Archive with a DOI:

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The Future of Open Access with the Galaxy Brain Meme.

I don’t usually meme on here, but I’m proud of this one:

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The Future of Library Access: Open Access Linking and “Hybrid” Interlibrary Loan

Florida State announced today they are cancelling their Big Deal subscription with Elsevier. The list of libraries cancelling keeps growing. I’ve been talking to a few librarians of late who have, or who are actively trying, to cancel big deals … Continue reading

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Coverage and Overlap of 1findr, Dimensions, Scopus, and Web of Science

Quick post here. 1science just released a new journal article and open access search tool, 1findr, today and I thought it be interesting to compare it to another similar search tool that launched a couple months ago, Dimensions. Richard Poynder … Continue reading

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Are we emphasizing the benefits of citations all wrong? The case for networked discovery over impact measurement.

Mita Williams published a blog post this week entitled Bret Victor, Bruno Latour, the citations that bring them together, and the networks that keep them apart. It’s an interesting piece that critiques the use of citations as a performance measure and … Continue reading

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